Two-way Instapaper sync for Windows and your e-book reader

Fast and automatic. Wordcycler lives in your tray. Connect your reader via USB, and Wordcycler fetches your unread Instapaper items, saves them on the device as single articles, and (if you want) ejects it. All automatically and in seconds.

Two-way Instapaper sync. When you finish reading an article, delete it from your reader, and it will be archived on the next time you sync. And any articles that you read and archived on in the meantime will be deleted from the reader as well.

Organize your reading. Pick and choose which Instapaper folders to sync. Download articles individually, or in all-in-one bundles. Any way you choose to read, Wordcycler is the fast, easy, Whispernet-charge-free way of experiencing Instapaper on your reading device.

Download Wordcycler 2.0

Release Notes

Note: You must be an Instapaper subscriber to use Wordcycler.

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  • A reading device that supports ePub or Mobipocket (such as a Kindle).
  • Windows XP or later.
  • An Instapaper account.

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